MCPE Addons


Garuda Boss Addon for MCPE

Author: TheEnderface | Compatible: 1.6.0 | Download: 415 | Like: 14

Old legends speak of the Garuda but some people just believe that Garuda is actually just a myth. This myth is quickly spreading all over the world and... 


Protect The Villagers Addon for MCPE

Author: MattH44 | Compatible: 1.2.10 | Download: 5680 | Like: 184

This add-on was created to provide a more secure and better way for keeping villagers safe. They’ll no longer have to worry about backstabbing zombies... 


Pesky Chicken Boss Addon for MCPE

Author: GamerJon 41 | Compatible: 1.4.2 | Download: 909 | Like: 32

Are you done fighting the bosses in Minecraft and want to give some use to your left over Enchanted Golden Apples? The Pesky Chicken Boss is here to solve... 



Mountain Modern House

Author: SahandPlayzYT | Compatible: 1.4.4 | Download: 1492 | Like: 2

This map features a beautiful mansion in the mountains which is perfect for anyone who want someplace nicer to live than a dirt house. The mansion includes... 


Nether Core Reactor: No Mod

Author: edhyjox | Compatible: 1.4.4 | Download: 752 | Like: 3

The Nether Reactor was the name of a structure which you could build before the Nether dimension existed on Bedrock (previously Pocket Edition). It essentially... 


Remember Death 3

Author: BlackZero | Compatible: 1.4.4 | Download: 688 | Like: 0

Push your memory to the max! In each level you will be tasked to remember everything in the room and then after 30 seconds you will teleport to a similar... 



Working Debug Stick Mod for MCPE

Author: ElementX_YT | Compatible: 1.4.2 | Download: 850 | Like: 11

The Debug Stick is an official item in version 1.13 for Minecraft: Java Edition. This mod implements the item to Minecraft: Bedrock Edition. Change the... 


Vertex Client Mod for MCPE

Author: VertexHX | Compatible: 1.2 | Download: 163595 | Like: 346

Vertex Client is a great cheating tool which can be used in mob combat, for building and to greatly improve your moving abilities. It can be used both... 


Damage Indicator Mod for MCPE

Author: Wartave | Compatible: 1.2.10 | Download: 27265 | Like: 344

The Damage Indicator Mod adds a helpful display window to the top left corner of the screen user interface. It’s active as soon you’ve interacted with... 

MCPE Texture Packs


Energy Shaders

Author: Pro Coder | Compatible: 1.2 | Download: 1730 | Like: 87

Energy Shaders is one of the first shaders to offer full support for Windows 10, iOS and Android. The most noticeable differences are for the water, skies... 


Jehkoba Fantasy Texture Pack

Author: Jehkoba | Compatible: 1.2 | Download: 527 | Like: 31

This is an amazing texture pack originally created for Java Edition and it’s now ported to Bedrock Edition. The design is influenced by SNES JRPGs, table... 


Llama Heads Pack

Author: AlexCraft | Compatible: 1.2 | Download: 646 | Like: 21

This texture pack replaces some of the wearable heads in-game with llama heads. Even though it’s not your usual fur hat it’s still quite fashionable...