MCPE Addons

Philippine National Railway Addon for MCPE

Author: Akihiro Akagi | Compatible: 1.9.0 | Download: 510 | Like: 16

The Philippine National Railway Addon is an addon that replaced the Minecraft cart with Series 203 and KiHa 350. It’s has 4 total trains, Only available... 

Digimon DigiCode Addon for MCPE

Author: Akihiro Akagi | Compatible: 1.9.0 | Download: 327 | Like: 11

Remember those weird letters you saw in Digimon animes, the script that you see on Digimon Adventure’s Digivice. Do you want to type in those letters?... 

More Monsters Mobs Addon for MCPE

Author: Rainer | Compatible: 1.8.1 | Download: 2364 | Like: 70

Have you ever wanted to find skeletons in Minecraft that can shoot fireballs and adult zombies that can run even faster than a baby zombie? If you have... 


Defend The Villager

Author: AndiuberOficial | Compatible: 1.9.0 | Download: 1532 | Like: 95

This is a very fun minigame for a player. It consists in defending the villager from the zombies that will go spawning, you will only have a bow and arrows,... 

Colourful Castle House Mansion

Author: SkyGames | Compatible: 1.9.0 | Download: 1836 | Like: 100

This colorful mansion is full of surprises, and fun things to do! Use it as a showcase world for mods, or a roleplay environment! This house is definitely... 

Cracked Memories

Author: MrCookieNub | Compatible: 1.9.0 | Download: 1260 | Like: 100

Cracked Memories – The Horror Game is a first person horror game where the player has amnesia and can’t remember who they are but they are hurt. You... 



GravityGun Mod for MCPE

Author: Mhafy.1016 | Compatible: 1.8 | Download: 17617 | Like: 283

The GravityGun Mod is a mod for Android devices which adds a really cool and useful Gravity Gun to Minecraft: Bedrock Edition. By using this mod you will... 


Elemental Swords Mod for MCPE

Author: Wartave | Compatible: 1.5 | Download: 379127 | Like: 2824

The Elemental Swords Mod adds 9 new swords. Each sword got a unique power related to its element. One sword can cause a a tornado which will make anyone... 


Pocket RPG Gauge Mod for MCPE

Author: Mhafy.1016 | Compatible: 1.5.x | Download: 5580 | Like: 89

This mod is part of a new project which is called Pocket RPG which is a mod adding new mobs, weapons, NPCs and a lot more, but that one is only halfway... 

MCPE Texture Packs


Energy Shaders

Author: Pro Coder | Compatible: 1.2 | Download: 1873 | Like: 99

Energy Shaders is one of the first shaders to offer full support for Windows 10, iOS and Android. The most noticeable differences are for the water, skies... 


Jehkoba Fantasy Texture Pack

Author: Jehkoba | Compatible: 1.2 | Download: 585 | Like: 37

This is an amazing texture pack originally created for Java Edition and it’s now ported to Bedrock Edition. The design is influenced by SNES JRPGs, table... 


Llama Heads Pack

Author: AlexCraft | Compatible: 1.2 | Download: 694 | Like: 22

This texture pack replaces some of the wearable heads in-game with llama heads. Even though it’s not your usual fur hat it’s still quite fashionable...