Zombie Arena Map for MCPE

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Fight zombies, trade loot for gold ingots and purchase new weapon and armor upgrades. That’s the three main things which the map is all about. There are 10 levels to play and by each level up things will get a little bit more difficult. Make sure to collect as much loot (things dropped by zombies) as you can as these items are used for trading and upgrading.
The map is designed for one player but you could probably play it one other player as well. Just make sure to share the armor and weapons.

How to play?

There are 10 different waves mob zombies to complete. It gets a little bit more difficult for each new wave of monsters.

Enter the arena by holding down your finger on the screen and the long-tap on the minecart on the other side of the wall.


Pull one of the levers on the wall to start a wave.


To keep up with the difficulty you can use the loot which you’ve obtained from the monsters to retrieve gold ingots.

Place the loot in the hopper to retrieve the gold ingots.


When you’ve got enough gold ingots you can use these to purchase new armor and weapon upgrades.


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