WoodenFurniture Addon for MCPE

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WoodenFurniture is an add-on which adds adds some blocks and replaces a couple of entities with different wooden furniture. The furniture include candle latterns, a green glass bottle, chairs and a few other objects. It’s a great add-on in case you want to expand your options for decorating your worlds.



Some of the block IDs might not work as intended if you are using the Update Aquatic.

  • /give @s sandstone 1 [3~14]
  • /give @s planks 1 [7~8]
  • /give @s stone 1 [7]
  • /give @s red_flower 1 [9~14]


  • chair [creeper]
  • bench [zombie]
  • desk [iron_golem]
  • ? [mob_head]

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