Wizard101 Fire Tower

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If you remember playing Wizard101, or you simply just want to have a cool fire themed home, you should try playing in this four story masterpiece of a fire watch tower.

The tower features a two-story outside section. The bottom layer has a door to the tower that leads to the third floor down, while on the top, it leads to the highest floor. Each floor has a different theme. The top floor is meant to house pets and a general living space. The second floor down is a library, where you can house your books and anything you would want to write down. The third floor down is a game room, with pool tables, arcade machines, and a gumball machine. The bottom floor is your bedroom/small storage area. On this floor, there exists a teleporter to the trophy room. This map isn’t restricted to any one type of rooms, so if you want to decorate it however you want, go for it. BTW, I am planning to make more of these for the other elements featured in Wizard101. That’s all!

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