Wizard Magic Balls Addon for MCPE

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The Wizard Magic Balls Addon adds 7 magic items to the game which can be thrown and then cause a number of different occurrences. Most of them can be used as a weapon against hostile players or mobs but some of them, such as the health ball, can also be used for good purposes. There’s a downside to it and that is that it replaces items such as the fishing rod.

What different balls are there?

There are 7 different balls and each of them has unique powers.

  • Freezing Ball (Fishing Rod): Freezes the enemy for a couple of seconds.
  • Explosive Ball (Eye of Ender): Causes a huge explosion and lots of fire.
  • Health Ball (Snowball): Heals the target(s) instantly. Works on both mobs and players. Lingers on the ground for several seconds.
  • Levitation Ball (Bottle o’ Enchanting): Causes the mob or players to start levitating.
  • Poisonous Ball (Ender Pearl): A linger potion effect which lingers for several seconds. Can cause damage to multiple mobs at the same time.
  • TNT Ball (Bow): Spawns a primted TNT block.
  • Lightning Ball (Egg): Summons lightning bolts.

Let’s have a look at some of the magic wizard balls. In the first image you can see what happened right after I threw an Explosive Ball.

The Health Ball is really useful in case you need to heal a large group of players (or mobs) at the same time. You can return to it later too as it lingers for a long time.

The Levitation Ball can be used as a weapon to quickly subdue a monster or a player. It can also be used on yourself if you need to get past some type of obstacles.

The Poisonous Ball causes a lingering potion effect which lasts for several seconds. Any mob or player which steps into the green ring will be poisoned.

The Lightning Ball can be used for summoning a lightning bolt. It inflicts some damage as well as sets the ground, mob or player on fire.


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