Vindication Villager Addon for MCPE

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This idea comes from “One Command Block – Vindicator Villager” in Minecraft: Java Edition. The Vindication Villagers are changed from Vindicator Illagers. However, their behaviors are completely different from the original. Their main purpose is to protect villagers by helping them attack monsters.

How does it work?

Villagers can be trained to become Vindicator Villager by giving them an Iron Axe.

  • Windows 10: Hold an Iron Axe and right-click on a Villager to train them
  • iOS / Android: Hold and axe, long press on a Villager and press the “Train” button to train them

Unlike Iron Golems, you just need an Iron Axe to train a villager. An Iron Axe just need 2 Sticks and 3 Iron Ingots to craft, but an Iron Golem requires 3 Iron Blocks (equals to 27 Iron Ingots) and a Pumpkin (or Jack-o’-Lantern) to build. If you are lack of resources and you need someone to protect your village, you can just use an Iron Axe to train a villager.

After the villager become the vindication villager, they start protecting the village.

Their attributes are the same as the original:

  • Health: 24
  • Attack Damage: 13
  • Weapon: Iron Axe

Note that Vindication Villagers are neutral mobs. If you attack them or attack villagers, they will attack you.

If they are killed by Zombies, Husks, Zombie Villagers or Zombie Pigmen, they have chances to become Zombie Villagers. It is the same as normal Villagers, but after becoming Zombie Villagers, their profession is randomized. They may become Farmers, Librarians, Clerics, Blacksmiths or Butchers.

If they are struck by lightning, they will become Witches. It is also the same as normal Villagers.


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