Vanilla Furniture Addon for MCPE

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This is a resource pack which replaces the shulker in-game with an egg which by using dyes can be transformed into multiple different furniture. It’s still being worked on and it will be updated in the future with a behavior pack to make it into a more proper add-on like having cabinets be able to store items and make the chairs possible to sit on.

How does it work?

To place down a furniture you will first need to place down an egg. You can use a shulker spawn egg to spawn the egg.

Then use any of the following dyes to transform the egg into a furniture.

  • Big Red Chair (Pink Dye)
  • Computer (Silver Dye)
  • Blue Chair (Lapis Lazuli)
  • Stool (Light Blue Dye)
  • Cabinet (Red Dye)
  • Lamp (Black Dye)
  • Eggs (Shulker Spawn Egg)

All of the furniture can only be used as a decoration as there is no behavior pack to change their functionality. This also means that all of them will behave like shulkers.

New behaviors will be added in a future update.

You can sit on all types of chairs and you can also throw away unwanted items by using the trashcan.

There are some free models included in the pack which you can use to make your own furniture addon!


  • Added behavior pack
    • Garbage can can delete items
    • Seats are sittable
    • Cabinets can hold 27 items

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