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Nether Quartz has no use outside of crafting recipes, so I decided to start a mod that’ll make them more valuable. They’re an ore after all. This add-on does not replace any of the game’s assets nor does it require a resource counter-part, it only introduces some light tweaks. Therefore, it should be compatible with a wide variety of other add-ons. I have only just started working on this add-on, and have only tested it on Xbox-One (don’t ask me how), so do tell me if there are any complications on other devices and/or suggestions that you have for more features to add.


Zombie Pigman Follower

  • Tamable with Nether Quart Blocks
  • Will automatically attack most common enemy mobs up to 65 blocks once tamed
  • Once tamed, will carry items for you (27 slots)
  • Does not wonder and will follow you closely when tamed
  • Are semi-invulnerable and carry items for you
  • Keeps creepers away
  • You can trade regular quartz with Untamed Zombie Pigman in exchange for a gold nugget (walk up to them and interact with quartz in hand)


  • Will not attack you when in the company of a tamed Zombie Pigman
  • Now drops x1.2 more phantom membrane than usual (a personal tweak I wanted)
  • Looting now helps yield more phantom membrane (thought this was already the case until I looked at the code)

Iron Golems

  • Can be healed by Nether Quart Blocks

Enchanto Potions

  • Now gives you a lot more XP (A random tweak for testing purposes, figured a few people might like this if I leave it in)


  • Added “Quart Blocks” in most of the trading recipes
  • Changed trades entirely in some villagers

Known Bugs

  • Sometimes unable to open tamed Zombie Pigman’s inventory in Creative Mode
  • Flying away from your tamed Zombie Pigman can cause him to lose track of you… Best to go on foot
  • Some of the villagers will have the exact same trades. Small price to pay in quantity for a few quality items.

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