TNT Run: Smooth Edition Map for MCPE

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TNT Run: Smooth Edition is a minigame recommended (but not limited) for two players. It’s a really fun minigame where players run on blocks which fall down continuously as they pass over them. This means that there’s no time to stay idle since you always have to be on the move. Eventually players will run out of space (literally) and fall down and die.

How to play?

The game is recommended for two players. However, you can play it alone. All you need to do is just to press the two Ready buttons at spawn and you’ll be teleported.

The area is quite big (67×67 blocks) which is good since then it takes a while for a game to finish.

The winner is the player who is the last one to die. If you die, then you are not allowed to enter it again until a new game has started.

You can’t reset the TNT Run area in-game, so you will need to use the world template to create a new world.


  • Maximum render distance
  • Two players

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