Time Bomb Addon for MCPE

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Time bomb is a special kind of bomb that explodes after the timer ends. Time bombs are really useful if you want to delay an explosion of a bomb. This thing can now be seen and used in this add-on. You can use time bombs to blow up monsters. You can also use time bombs to troll your friends or if you just want to have fun with them. But be careful of using the time bomb because it is a dangerous weapon that can blow up and kill entities.

Using the add-on:

You must turn on first the experimental gameplay before using the add-on.
Features of time bomb:
  • Time bombs has 3 different kinds and 3 different spawn eggs. It has 70-second time bomb (explodes after 70 seconds), 100-second time bomb (explodes after 100 seconds), and 140-second time bomb (explodes after 140 seconds).
  • Time bombs doesn’t deals damage.
  • Time bombs are immune to fire.
  • Use a redstone dust to activate the time bomb.
  • Use shears to defuse the bomb. Once you defuse a bomb, you can’t activate it anymore.
  • Defusing the bomb causes the bomb for its wires to be randomly cutted.
  • Time bombs has an explosion radius of 10 blocks which is very powerful.

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