The Tower of the Time

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Your mission is to find and obtain two wool blocks which you need for completing a monument. Find a way up the tower without mining or building your way up. Fight monsters and complete the challenges ahead to obtain the blocks and succeed. Checkpoints are non-existent and you only have one life, so this is a very difficult challenge. It’s a very cool map to explore though as there are lots of hidden spaces.


  • Don’t leave the map borders
  • Don’t use external programs, mods or addons
  • Don’t change your gamemode or difficulty
  • The only way to get to the top of the tower is to find the path by playing the map. Don’t build up or mine to the top of the tower.
  • Don’t not change the time
  • Single player only
  • Only one life, if you die you have to install the map again
  • Do not use commands
  • Do not break the monument
  • Make sure you explore everything! You need every item you can find in chests
  • Have fun!


  • Edited mobs
  • More difficulty (was to easy hahaha)
  • Bug fixes
  • Updated for MC 1.7.X

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