The Split

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The Split is a horror map taking place in part inside an abandoned hospital. It’s a single player experience where you will go on an exciting and sometimes scary journey to find out how you got there. From beginning to end there is a story to always keep you engaged in the adventure. There are custom sounds and textures to really create a spooky environment and atmosphere.


As you slowly wake up and open your eyes you find yourself in bed inside a room with white walls. You don’t remember what happened or how you got there but you are sure of one thing and that is that you aren’t alone!


  • Set brightness to 50% or lower (an advice is to use 0 with smooth shading)
  • Turn up the sound volume, use earphones if possible (but keep your ears safe!)
  • Make sure that the resource pack is enabled/prioritized
  • Don’t play in multiplayer as it will break the story and make the story less scary

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