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This addon turns the wolf into a cute and innocent looking pug. The pug is a dog breed with a short-muzzled face and a compact squared body. They basically got all the physical attributes to make most people immediately fall in love with them. However, they are no cowards (at least not in Minecraft) since they are actually stronger than the wolf!

How does it work?

The wolf is replaced by a cute pug dog. Even though it has a much more innocent (and less vicious) look than a wolf it’s two times stronger and has also twice as much health.

You can tame a pug by feeding it some cake.

  • iOS / Android: Hold cake in your hand, long press on the dog and press Tame
  • Windows 10: Hold cake in your hand and right-click on the dog to tame it

It has basically the same features as a wolf. For example, you can put it on a leash or make it sit/stand.

The dog will be your most loyal friend. It attacks any threat, even ones which are much larger than the dog, and since it’s two times stronger than a wolf it deals quite a lot of damage.

You should definitely keep it unleashed as much as possible, but that also comes with a great responsibility. You don’t want your dog to be attacking other dogs or players. For example, if you accidentally hit another player then your dog will pick up on your vibes and immediately go to attack. That’s why it’s probably best to keep it leashed when you’re around lots of people.

General Features

  • Twice as much health and attack damage
  • Slightly faster
  • New textures and model
  • Tameable with cake
  • Sit/stand similar to a wolf
  • Heal with meat or cake

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