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This addon adds 7 “new entities” in the game. I also added a single block that is necessary to obtain the main entity and necessary to place the statue.

I hope you like this addon.

All new entities are identical and work the same way.

There are 7 statues “that can be placed”

First you must make the compressed stone that is made with stone in the 9 boxes on the worktable. This will result in a block that, when broken, delivers the base statue that can already be placed, but if it is placed back on the manufacturing table, it delivers compressed stone plates.

The compressed stone plates are used to obtain the element that should change the appearance of the statue’s base, just place them on the stone cutter and choose the statue you want to place, then place the item on the base statue already placed.

But that’s not all, you can also rotate and resize the statue

The addon adds the option to rotate the statue, you just have to lean and interact and this provides the option to rotate on its central axis. You can also resize this interaction with a PYM disk without crouching.

There are 3 different PYM disks

  • Gray returns the statue to its original size.
  • Red reduces the statue to 1/3 of its original size.
  • Blue increases the size of the statue to 5/3 of its original size.

The recipes of the PYM discs are very easy to make and are not spent.

  • For the gray disk, only iron nuggets are placed forming an X on the work table.
  • For the red disk, the iron nuggets are placed forming an X on the manufacturing table but in the center 1 of Redstone
  • For the blue disk, the iron nuggets are placed forming an X on the work table but in the center 1 of Lapislazuli

Important Details:

  • To eliminate the entities where they are located, you just have to tear them down to the center of the entity.
  • To flip them you have to bending down.
  • To enlarge or reduce them, you must use the discs without bending down.



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