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This map features the International Space Station, the Hubble Space Telescope, a Saturn V rocket, a Delta IV rocket, the Space Shuttle, launch towers for each rocket and more. All of the space structures have custom interiors which have been realistically designed to include the mission hardware and other things you’d expect. It’s a very realistic map (for being Minecraft) and perfect for any NASA or space enthusiasts out there!


  • new build…NASA SLS Block 1 Rocket
  • new build…ESA Ariane 5 Rocket
  • RE-build…ULA Delta IV Heavy
  • build update…parts of the ISS including solar arrays, new solar arrays on Russian Zvezda service module. More accurate central support truss.
  • new texture for the Moon created from a picture i took myself.
  • new textures for…
  • Space Shuttle heat shield tiles
  • Solar Arrays on ISS and Hubble
  • More realistic/metallic look to Engine Cones on all vehicles
  • new, metallic look to Saturn V support tower
  • creation of ‘Teleport Hub’ which will transport the player directly to each of the builds.
  • the SLS and Saturn V support towers now incorporate command block teleporters that take the player from the base of the support tower directly to the crew capsule level

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