Snowball Brawl Map for MCPE

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Snowball Brawl is a small but fun minigame where you’ll fight another player in an arena. It’s a fight to death minigame so this means it won’t stop until one of you’ve lost and respawned. The game uses command blocks to give players access to several clever tools which can be used for everything from spawning a snow wall to slowing down the other player.

How to play?

This minigame requires at least two players. Each player will be equipped with four different items and the items are as following:

  • Bow: Main weapon
  • Fishing Rod: Switch to this item to place a snowball in front of where you’re standing. When doing this you will get boots in your inventory. Do not equip the boots. They are just there to show you that the wall is on cooldown. When the cooldown is over you’ll get the fishing rod back.
  • Cyan Concrete: Place it on a diamond block in your area to spawn slowing blocks in the enemy field. This is a really valuable block so make sure not to misplace it. This too has a cooldown.
  • Egg / Snowball: When throwing these items you will get invisibility for 5 seconds. This has a longer cooldown than other items.


It’s a really fun minigame where you’ll be able to use multiple clever tools both for offensive attacks and also when you need to work on the defense.

If someone’s killed then he will spawn back at the lobby. To reset the minigame he will need to press a button to teleport everyone back and then you can start all over again.


  • Max 2 players
  • Play on normal
  • Kill the other player to win

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