Sniper vs Thieves: Assault

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Snipers VS Thieves: Assault! Inspired by Snipers VS Thieves by Keyyard.

But, it is Counter-Strike 1.6 edition! Thieves are Terrorists. Snipers are Counter-Terrorists. Snipers must snipe the Thieves before they get the gold and win.

 This map is like 2.0 of the previous map Snipers vs Thieves by Keyyard. But its just a little different. Snipers are Counter-Terrorists and Thieves are Terrorists. Very similar how the game goes, Snipers must snipe the Thieves in order to win. Thieves must gain the gold from the broken building. Also there is a skin pack required to play this game. This skin pack contains Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists from CS 1.6 to make the game even more fun!

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