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This Add-on adds a very dangerous animal to your game. The snakes! The snakes have very poison! Be very careful when walking in some biomes, principally in the jungle. The jungle is the snakes favorite biome!

Now does it work?

This Add-on adds three colors of snakes. Brown, green, and red. Each color of snake has its specific biome! Even if you spawn them with spawn egg or with command, it comes out of the color of your specific biome!

The brown snakes are born in the swamp and desert. Green snakes are born in all tree biomes. As: oak biome, savanna, and eucalyptus forest. The red snakes are born in the jungle biome. Be very careful when walking in these biomes. These snakes always take us by surprise!


  • Spawns naturally in some biomes of your world
  • 3 color variants (brown, green, and red)
  • Health: 6
  • Attack: 2
  • The snakes catch us by surprise
  • The snakes give poison effect for 7 seconds
  • The snakes attack iron golems and snow golems
  • Villagers die of fear of snakes
  • Is not experimental
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