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SkyMobs is a sky map where the goal is to complete the monument by retrieving nine monument blocks and placing them on a monument which is located near the Home Island. Your adventure takes place in the sky and it’s more difficult than it seems. Survive the monsters while trying to obtain all of the monument blocks and placing them at their designated location.

How to play?

Find the monument blocks on the different islands and place them at the monument to complete the map. Redstone lamps will indicate if there is a monument block nearby. To get to the other islands you will need to know how to make a cobblestone generator.


  • Survive
  • Complete the monument
  • Have fun
  • Don’t destroy the monument
  • Don’t go to the ground (pretend it’s void there)

Note from the creator: As this is my first map, all comments are welcome. If you make video or stream – please send me link.

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