Skyblock Islands

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This is a custom skyblock map created by myself, MasterMind. This map feels like a skyblock, but has a few little twist to it, using some of minecrafts mechanics to make it a more unique feel! You have the main island, a desert island, and a nether island in which contains a portal that you have to somehow light to get to the secret it holds!


-Build a cobblestone generator

-Craft a crafting table

-Craft a furnace

-Craft a chest

-Expand the main island

-Explore the Desert island

-Explore the Nether island

-Craft as many colored wool varients

-Build a “safe” house

-Develop a tree far with at least 4 sapplings at

a time (Oak/Birch)

-Develop a wheat farm

-Develop a carrot farm

-Develop a potato farm

-Develop a beet root farm

-Develop a sugarcane farm

-Develop a melon farm

-Develop a pumpkin farm

-Develop a bamboo farm

-Develop a vine farm

-Build a traditional mob farm

-Utilise the spawners

-Enter the nether and find out its use in skyblock

-Craft a full set of wooden tools

-Craft a full set of stone tools

-Craft a full set of iron tools and armor

-Use the nethers new generator

-Craft a blast furnace

-Craft a smoker

-Craft a camp fire

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