SG Zombies PVE

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G Zombies is a PvE minigame which can be played either alone by yourself or together with friends. The main objective is to survive all waves by slaying the monsters and unlock all the different levels. If you’re looking for ways to improve your own fighting skills then SG Zombies is a great option as it offers both fun and intense gameplay.

How to play?

Kill zombies to gain coins (experience points) and use them to purchase new gear and items. Waves of zombies will spawn every so often so you always need to make sure you’re geared up and ready to fight off the monsters.

There are multiple gates which will unlock the a next level once you’ve reached the a certain amount of experience points. The first gate (which is not the same as the one as seen in the screenshot) unlocks at 750 experience points.


  • Removed locations where it was possible to escape the arena
  • Added new area to the first zone (Vegetable Garden and Chicken Yard)

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