SG Paintball

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This is a really cool paintball minigame with several cool features to really create a unique and satisfying experience. It is a competitive game so make sure to invite some friends to join you before starting the game. The objective is quite simple – defeat the other team! All participants will be equipped with paintballs which they can throw to paint the floor around them (or to kill other players). Your team’s paint color is lethal to the other team.

How to play?

Players are equipped with some armor and paintballs. You can throw paintballs similarly to throwing a snowball.

The path the paintball travels will automatically turn into your team’s color. For example, if you are on team red and throws a paintball then the blocks in front of you will turn into red.

If then a member of the opposite team (meaning, blue) steps on the red blocks then he will instantly die and have to wait for a 5 second countdown before being able to enter the game again.

By killing another team your team will get 5 emeralds. And if you capture the middle flag your team will get 3 emeralds. Emeralds can be used for purchasing things in the shop:

  • 10 Paintballs – 5 Emeralds
  • PaintBomb – 35 Emeralds
  • 20 Second Shield – 50 Emeralds

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