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This is a fully functional BedWars minigame which which can be played by loads of players at the same time. It features one arena called the Desert Destroyers and it also includes a fully automated shop. You will be able to collect items in-game and then trade them for other items and it’s all done with a very simple chest user interface.

How to play?

This is a PvP minigame which supports a lot of players. Use the stone shovel (which you retrieve upon spawning) to destroy the beds. Make sure to use the dyed armors to remember who is on which team.

There’s a chest at spawn which contains the BedWars Shop List. Here you can see the cost of all items in the shop.

There is also a chest with two hoppers. Place the items you want to exchange in the slot between the hoppers, e.g. iron ingots, to purchase an item.



  • We have fixed the Shop and made the interface easier to use!
  • You now have to place the item in the chest’s first slot!
  • Please still use the Classic UI mode!

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