Self Building House

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This map uses a ton of command blocks which are used to create a house from scratch automatically. Different block animations and vanilla sounds are used to create this house. The whole house takes about 2 minutes to complete. After completion, it can be dismantled. Dismantling of the house takes about 6 seconds to complete.

How does it work?

You can start the process by pressing the button on the blue lapiz block. It’s a really fantastic animation which takes around 1 – 2 minutes to view from start to finish.


  • Self Building with tons of block animations (e.g. rolling logs)
  • Build and dismantle the house with the press of a button
  • An Easter egg (it’s a gadget)
  • Interior of house included.


  • Do not press the build button more than once
  • You can use creative mode for better view


  • Fixed a rare case in which some animations failed to complete.
  • Easter egg is more noticeable now
  • Now teleports the player facing the proper direction so that they do not miss the first animation.
  • Removed Hall of Fame
  • Other minor fixes

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