Secret Spawn Eggs Map for MCPE

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This map lets 0.16.0 users easily explore the secret spawn eggs which can be found in the latest beta of Minecraft Pocket Edition. The reason why they are called secret is because they can’t be found in any public documentation. Basically you can use these spawn eggs to spawn different kind of entities, such as boats and primed TNTs.
If 0.16.0 has been released by the time you read this then it will most likely work using the official 0.16.0 version as well.


How to get a secret spawn egg?

Once you’ve spawned in the map you will have 9 of the spawn eggs in your inventory. You can also use the following method to obtain the spawn eggs in other worlds.

Type the following text command to get a spawn egg: /give @p spawn_egg <amount> <id> 

Example: /give @p spawn_egg 1 65 – this would give you 1 Primed TNT spawn egg


  • Elder Guardian (50)
  • Primed TNT (65)
  • Arrow (80)
  • Snowball (81)
  • Egg (82)
  • Something wooden (88)
  • Wither Head (smoking) (89)
  • Boat (90)
  • Fire Charge (94)
  • TNT Minecart (97)
  • Chest Minecart (98)

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