Rainbows Addon for MCPE

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This addon replaces creepers with rainbows. There are already enough monsters in Minecraft so why not replace one with something a little bit more cheerful and actually useful. As you probably already know there’s an old legend which says that there’s a treasure at the end of a rainbow. Give this addon a try to find out if the legend is really true!

How does it work?

Rainbows are quite rare but they can be found spawning naturally in most terrains (and sometimes unexpectedly in caves). The reason for this is because they replace creepers.

Rainbows have been part of mythology and legends for thousands of years. This addon is based on one of the more common legends which says that there’s a treasure at the end of the rainbow for the one who’s lucky enough to find it.

To get this treasure all you have to do is to kill the rainbow. And yes, you can kill it because it replaces the creeper. Just touch it and it will evaporate and turn into nothingness.

The only things remaining will be two gold ingots.


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