Quarry Function Addon for MCPE

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Function Commands are a new feature in minecraft bedrock 1.8. They allow you to run multiple commands in a single .mcfuntion file. This Data/Behavior packs creates quarries with the command /function quarry. It’s really useful if you want to find ores quickly!

How does it work?

Use the /function quarry command to create a quarry at your current position.

Quarries you create will replace stone, dirt, granite, and etc. with air but they will leave all ores for you to mine. Quarries are 6×6×70 blocks in size! They also generate a wooden fence as well give you some scaffolding and an iron pickaxe to move up and down and mine with. On some older devices quarry generation can take up to 30 seconds.

Also to make sure you won’t fall to your death a wooden platform spawns underneath you.

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