Pumpkin Maniac

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This addon turns two mobs in-game into a pumpkin version of themselves. Both of them are extremely hostile and their brutal powers makes them boss-like. The models are really well made and the behaviors are fun and unique. If you are looking for some new bosses in-game then this add-on won’t disappoint you!


Pumpkin Monster (Iron Golem): This is the most dangerous of the two. It’s very strong (attack damage: 10 – 20) and its special ability is its ability to super jump. As soon as you start running the Pumpkin Monster will start jumping like crazy, throw you up in the air and smash you down on the ground.

Pumpkin Terror (Creeper): This mob is both extremely annoying and terrifying. It shoots large fireballs which will set its targets on fire. And whenever you get close enough, it will explode (similar to an ordinary Creeper in that sense).


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