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Pow! is a one to four player game involving mobs, lots of them. The aim for this game is to shoot down all of the mobs inside an arena. Simple.

At the start of the map, you will spawn in on a beach. In front of you is a little ruin, inside you’ll find a button, press that to begin the game!

Once you have pressed the play button, you will be inside this room:

In there is documentation for the game, read it, then proceed through the iron door.

You will arrive in the following room: (See below) This room is you kit room you will have to pick a team, red or blue, once doing so, and the other members of you party have done so too, you should have a blue team and a red team, you can enchant gear and gear up using the armour stands and their respective items provided.

Once both teams are ready, go down the trapdoor to the ‘Round Room’, in here you can select the round you will want to play, press the respective button to begin the specified round. There is a reset button if things have gone out of control or a member of your party is stuck, press that button to reset all entities.

Head through the doorway in the kit rooms, (See below) to make your way to the archery platforms.

There are two archery platforms, on for each team. (See below) There is also a door into the arena for melee battle, you will find your way to the in the tunnels to get to the archery platforms.

Upon the completion of a round, press another button in the round room to continue, once you complete all ten rounds, you win! The team that gets the most kills, wins! (Player versus player combat does not count!)

If you are wondering why there are villagers on the roof, here’s the answer: I added 20 villagers to the roof in an invisible box to distract the undead mobs and add a bit of randomness to the game.

P.S.: There is one easter-egg in this map, find it!

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