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Polar bears is an existing feature which was quite recently added to Minecraft for PC. This add-on changes the cows into polar bears. You can tame, feed, breed and ride them. If you are looking for an animal companion for your next adventures then you need to download this add-on. It works similar to a wolf but with an extra option which is riding.

How do I find one?

Polar bears replace cows. Their natural terrain of living is obviously in the snow but you should be able to find them all over the world where cows previously spawned. In this showcase I decided to use the following seed: Kaboom. It spawns you right next to a big snow biome.

They are neutral mobs which means they will only attack if they or one of their cubs is being attacked first.


You can tame a polar bear by feeding it raw fish. Hold some fish in your hand and long-tap on a polar bear and then click “Feed”. When you do that there will be a 25% chance of success. A tamed one has about 30% more health than an ordinary bear.

The polar bears will follow you around and also protect you against other mobs. If one is hurt you can feed it with some raw fish to make it heal quicker. If you attack a tamed polar bear then it will try to kill you, so treat it nicely.

A polar bear can also be used as riding mount. You can sit on the back of it and control the direction using a stick.


Once you’ve tamed two adult polar bears put them in an enclosement and feed them raw fish until they mate and procreate. The cub will automatically be tamed.

A cub (or baby bear) will automatically be tamed and follow you around. Feed it some raw fish to make it grow quicker.

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