Pixel Reality

16x16 Texture Packs, MCPE 1.2 Texture Packs Download: 530 | Like: 30

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Pixel Reality is a low resolution texture pack pack which adds more realism to Minecraft. The textures have a much smoother design and the colors look calmer and better blended than the default textures. The texture pack have been developed for over a period of several years and this proves that it stands the test of time.

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  • New
    • 1.2.0+ support
    • Textures (1.2)
    • Title and loading text
    • Pack icon
    • Panorama and UI images
    • Structure blocks and structure void item
    • Parrots
    • Llamas, 16 exotic and unique variations
    • Purple shulker texture
    • Realms UI
    • Support for console and VR
    • Pack manifest and bug icon
    • Credits updated
  • Tweaks
    • Modified Tourchscreen buttons
    • Modified old UI textures
    • Added pack icon background
    • Fixed coloring for some UI textures
    • Ghasts and blazes glow in the dark
    • Endermen and spider eyes appear with invisibility effect
    • Iron bar textures tweaked to fix rod
    • New explosion particles
    • Particles are now opaque to make them appear properly
    • Map item textures rescaled to fix bug
    • Added lapis placeholder in enchantment table
    • Added back cross hair texture
    • Hotbar is no longer numbered
    • Removed custom hotbar UI due to a bug
    • Added ol horse geometry until a new texture and model are completed
    • Removed random pixels on some items
    • Removed more unused files

Main Installation

  1. Download Resource
  2. Open Minecraft PE
  3. Settings > Global Resources > Activate the pack

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