Phantasy Addon for MCPE

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Adding several mobs and creatures to the game can really spice up your world, be on the guard as some of these entites spawn about your world and ready to make your naext move..

This add-on adds 6 new entities into the game to make your modded survival worlds livelier.


Tide beast

  • can be tamed using prismarine crystals
  • use a saddle to mount
  • attacks guardians
  • neutral to the core, still attacks you even when you tame them
  • may rest from time to time
  • roars occasionally

Frost familiar

  • use blue ice on a wolf to ride them
  • rideable giant wolfs

Nether merchant

  • when a wandering trader steps into the nether, they turn into nether merchants
  • trades nether items

Midnight sailor

  • if a wandering trader goes to a beach in the middle of the night, they turn into midnight sailors
  • trades ocean items (bugged, WIP)

Treasure mimics

  • disguised as a normal chest until interaction with he player
  • can eat items if the player interacts with it on attack mode


  • lying unconcious zombie on the ground
  • damaging this entity can cause its reanimation

False plant

  • explosive flowers
  • can explode when affected by explosions

Mad cow

  • 4 out of 10 cows will be mad if you hit them, giving them the urge to kill the player

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