Panda Minecon 2018 Addon for MCPE

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This is a concept of the Panda which is one of the upcoming Minecraft features which was announced during Minecon 2018. If you can’t wait for a new Minecraft update and want pandas in your game right now, then this add-on is for you! Sure, it doesn’t have all the same features as the Minecon Panda, but it does look very much alike, and besides the panda also bamboo has been implemented!

How does it work?

The pandas replace the polar bears. This means that they won’t spawn naturally in jungles. So to spawn them you should preferably use a spawn egg.

Here is a list of behaviors relating to the panda:

  • Bamboo replaces sugar cane (needs to be next to a water source)
  • Pandas replace Polar Bears
  • Pandas protect his kids as the polar bears do
  • Pandas are neutral if no kids are near
  • You can breed pandas with bamboo and make them grow

Bamboo is a new item (which replaces Sugar Cane). It’s also one of the features which were announced during Minecon.


  • pandas now spawn in the jungle naturally
  • added new sounds for panda
  • added new sounds for baby panda
  • pandas now eat any item in a 5 block radius
  • pandas now eat crops
  • pandas now grow faster with bamboo
  • improved bamboo texture
  • improved panda texture

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