Orca Addon for MCPE

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The orca is the second largest animal (with the Elder Guardian in the top) of the ocean. It’s not as dangerous as one would imagine. It’s in fact harmless towards players. It’s nonetheless a great addition to the game since makes the oceans slightly more interested. However, since it replaces a land mob it will only spawn in the ocean if you make it spawn there.

How does it work?

The Orca is a big whale which is friendly towards players. It thrives in water and there it will act similar to any other sea creature. You can’t interact with it in any way but maybe that’s something which could be added for a future update.

If the whale spawns or for some reason is on land then it takes about 30 seconds for it’s out of breath and will slowly start dying.

A dead whale drops plenty of fish.

General Orca Features

  • Replaces villagers
  • Swimmable creature
  • Health: 35 hearts
  • Attack damage: 11
  • Can be on land for 30 seconds before it starts losing health
  • Drops raw fish and raw salmon
  • Custom names

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