Null The New Herobrine Adventure Map for MCPE

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Null is a demonic, evil creature whose main purpose is to destroy all worlds and kill or enslave everyone in them. You play as a character named Steve who is known for his heroic battles in the Minecraft universe. Your legacy is invaluable and that’s why you have been tasked with the objective to defeat Null and his dominions. This map includes four different boss battles in an epic quest for freedom.


  • Wither Demon (1st): The Wither Boss has the advantage of being able to fly around. However, it can only attack targets by getting up close to them. (minecraft:shooter can’t be added to vex yet.)
  • Enderboss (2nd): The Ender is incredibly fast and also extremely dangerous. When he gets really angry he’ll summon some Endermen who will do his bidding for them.
  • Wither Boss (3rd): The Wither Boss is similar to the default boss. He’s basically just as dangerous.
  • Null (4th and Final): Null is an evil demon soul which has been incarnated as a humanoid and his powers are immense. (Health: 500 hearts, Attack damage: 20, Wither effect)

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