Natural Disasters Survival Update

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This map is based an experience for ROBLOX called “Survive the Disaster”. All players will spawn in a room where some sort of natural disaster will occur. As a player your objective is to survive for as long you can and hopefully be one of the remaining ones alive. However, you’re not supposed to kill other players. You should rather try help them.

How to play?

This map is recommended for multiple players. One player must enter the Control Room and select a disaster. Next all players will be teleported to a new area where the catastrophe will happen.

Each disaster is different from the other. For example, in one room you’ll have to avoid fire and in another zombies. If you die then you will respawn back at the lobby. You can spectate a match by stepping on the pressure plate on your left.

You are never allowed to break blocks.


  • Special Maps
    • Sunrise City (Disaster: TNT Rain)
  • New Maps
    • Castle
    • City
  • New Disaster
    • Sand Storm
  • Easy mode (enchanted golden apples given)
  • Ability to choose map and disaster yourself (except for the Special Maps)
  • Multi-disasters (beta)
  • Halloween Features
    • NOTE from creator: I know Halloween is over but I will remove the Halloween features in the next update
    • Jack o’Lanterns everywhere
    • Halloween Special: Costume Kits! Dress up!

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