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The Mutant Creatures Add-on turns 18 of the mobs in Minecraft PE into mutants with incredible powers. But their great powers also come with a changed appearance which makes most of them look more scary. If you are looking for an add-on to increase the game difficulty a few notches then this is a great option.

Which mutants exist?

All of the following mobs replace their original mob type in-game. This means that the world will be a lot more difficult as each mutant is much stronger than their predecessors.

Neither of the mutants get affected by fall damage or knockbacks. All mutants have a small drop chance for dropping a mutant head which can be worn by the player.

Mutant Zombie & Husk: This is basically a beefed up version of the ordinary zombie. Its body is much larger and this positively affects its ability to fight and it also runs faster.

Health: 75 hearts.

Mutant Creeper: They have four legs and a crooked neck which make them look more similar to a spider and as a result a little bit scarier. They cause much greater explosions but the fuse is longer so you have a better chance of getting away. As soon as their health is low they try to explode.

Previously they were afraid of ocelots but that is no longer the case. Now they will attack them.

Health: 60 hearts

Mutant Stray & Skeleton: Both of them have become more skillful archers as they now fire 5 arrows at the same time. They hunt players and wolves. If you kill them they won’t drop any bows. They will automatically try to ride Mutant Spiders and Mutant Cave Spiders (similarly to jockeys).

Health: 65 hearts

Mutant Wither Skeleton: The Wither Skeleton has never looked more frightening. It has a thick bone structure and wields a huge sword. It’s not afraid of wolves anymore and it doesn’t drop swords.

Health: 65 hearts

Mutant Enderman: The Enderman has a tall and slender body. It’s much faster than most mobs and it is also more dangerous since it has the ability to detect you much quicker as well as deal more damage. Use an Invisible Splash Potion on an Enderman to its eyes will glow in the dark.

Health: 100 hearts

Mutant Iron Golem: This creature is the strongest of them all and you really want to keep it close to you in case you ever decide to fight any of the other mutants. It has much bigger arms than an ordinary iron golem. It drops iron ingots, flowers and iron blocks.

Health: 200 hearts, Damage: 45-55

Mutant Spider and Cave Spider: Even though they are slightly larger than ordinary spiders they can run much faster and cause a whole lot of more damage. Use an Invisible Splash Potion on a spider to make its eyes glow in the dark.

Health: 75 hearts, Damage: 10

Mutant Zombie Pigman: A neutral creature which only attacks to defend itself. If you kill one it will drop a bunch of gold ingots, gold nuggets and rotten flesh.

Health: 65 hearts

Mutant Wither Boss: It’s impossible to escape the wrath of the mutant wither boss. Every time it shoots Wither Skulls there is a chance that one of them spawns a Mutant Skeleton. It’s much harder to kill and that’s mainly because it has much more health. If you kill one it will drop wither skulls, a nether star and a bunch of diamonds.

Health: 425 hearts

Mutant Snow Golem: The mutant version of the snow golem is generally much more powerful than a simple snowman. His main special ability is Snow Block which allows him to throw huge chunks of snow at targets within a 40 block range.

Health: 50 hearts

You can ride it similar to a horse.

Mutant Ocelot: It’s basically a much larger cat. If you tame an ocelot then you can use it as a riding mount (requires a Pet Saddle – replaces Carrot on a Stick). It works similarly to riding a horse, and it can jump as well.

Wild Health: 25 hearts, Tamed Health: 57.5 hearts

Mutant Villager: The villagers are still friendly and won’t even attack you if you cause them harm. They are much stronger though and as a result can withstand more damage. You can trade with them as usual. They attack only zombies and witches. Drops a lot of loot like diamond items and other valuable blocks and items.

Health: 50 hearts

Mutant Witch: The witch has a new type of potion called the EVIL POTION which it throws at its enemies. It also has a melee attack (10 attack damage). If you do manage to kill one then it will drop lots of loot.

Health: 66 hearts

Mutant Wolf: The wolf is slightly larger than before and also stronger. You can ride a wolf similarly to riding a horse (requires a Pet Saddle – replaces Carrot on a Stick). It can also jump while riding it.

Wild Health: 30 hearts, Tamed Health: 62.5 hearts

Mutant Zombie Villager: The zombie villager can be cured by using a golden apple and a weakness potion. It takes 50 seconds for it to become a normal villager again.

Health: 60 hearts

Mutant Evoker: It summons Mutant Vexes and fangs. If killed it drops emeralds and totems.

Health: 75 hearts

Mutant Vindicator: Slightly more powerful than a normal vindicator and it also drops more valuable items like diamonds and emeralds.

Health: 75 hearts, Attack damage: 10

Mutant Vex: It has much more health and also inflicts a greater deal of damage. The easiest way to find it is by summoning a Mutant Evoker.

Health: 50 hearts, Attack damage: 18

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  • Additions
    • New model design for mutant armor stand
  • Changes
    • Extra 3D model for skulls
    • Mutant mobs with armor will now spawn often
    • Mutant zombies and husks hold swords is removed due to a bug
    • New texture for Ice Block thrown by Mutant Snow Golem
    • Mutant Wither will now not get hurt from lava
    • Mutant Wither Skeleton will not get hurt from withers/wither_skulls explosion
  • Bugs
    • Mutant Wither will now get hurt from lava
    • Fixed the death sound for Mutant Zombie Villager
    • Mutant Wither Skeleton now get hurt from wither/wither skull’s explosion



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