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This mod adds the possibiliy to find 17 different baby mobs. Some of the new baby mobs inclue a baby creeper and a baby skeleton. You can either find them spawning in your worlds or use spawn eggs to find them.

How to find the baby mobs?

There is a 35% chance that a baby mob spawns. You can use spawn eggs to spawn them or find them in the natural world.

If you find a baby mob and want it to grow and become an adult then you can feed them one of the following items.

  • Blaze (grow up: Blaze Rod)
  • Cave Spider (grow up: Spider Eye)
  • Creeper (grow up: Gun Powder)
  • Enderman (grow up: Glowstone Dust)
  • Guardian (grow up: Prismarine Shard)
  • Guardian Elder (grow up: Prismarine Crystals)
  • Skeleton (grow up: Bone)
  • Spider (grow up: Spider Eye)
  • Stray (grow up: Bone)
  • Wither Skeleton (grow up: Coal)
  • Wither Boss (grow up: Coal)
  • Ghast (grow up: Ghast Tear)
  • Iron Golem (grow up: Iron Ingot)
  • Silver Fish (grow up: Clay)
  • Snow Golem (grow up: Snowball)
  • Witch (grow up: Sugar)

For example, to make a baby grow up to become an adult you can feed the baby its mob item which can be found in the list above.


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