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Hello there! Are you looking for a good PvP map with different game-modes, many balanced kits, and amazing builds? Well it’s your lucky day! Mocha PvP is the perfect PvP map for demanding players. Every aspect of the map has been carefully made to ensure you won’t have any problem. The map has a lobby that contains everything you need to manage the map, so it’s very easy to use.

This is a multiplayer PvP map which includes several different fun game-modes. The modes included are Duels, Sumo and FFA (Free For All). Take your equipment, enter the arena and be the champion. All aspects of the map can be managed from within the game. For example, you can reset it just by pressing a button. In that sense, it’s very useful for LAN parties (and similar events) as you’ll never have to leave the game.

How to play?

You will spawn in a lobby and there you will find a few different options for each different game-mode. Such as the six available kits, Duel teleport (behind the pillars), Sumo teleport and FFA teleport.

The three different game-modes are:

  • Duels: A 1vs1 fight, you can choose between six kits.
  • Sumo: Push your opponent out of the platform and be the victor.
  • FFA: All vs all! Take your kit, jump in to the arena, and beat your rivals.

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