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This add-on replaces some of the mobs and block in-games with different Cola designs. For example, there are Cola Monsters, Soda Cans and fresh mints. Who doesn’t like Cola? This particular add-on is most likely one of the stranger and least expected ones released in a while, but that’s what makes it a bit fun.

How does it work?

The Colas and Cola Monster have had their behaviors slightly changed, but except for that everything except for the textures are basically the same.

  • Cola (TNT, Minecart with TNT)
  • Cola Monster (Creeper)
  • Soda Can (Creeper Head)
  • Mint Fire (Fire)
  • Mint (Flint & Steel)
  • Mint Armor (replaces Chain Armor)
    • Mint Fire Resistance
    • 0.15 Speed
  • Confectioner Villager (replaces Fletcher)
    • Trades Mint Armor and other Mint items
  • Mint Block (Gravel)
  • Mint Pieces (Flint)
  • Mint Monster (Blaze)
  • Mint Powder (Blaze Powder)
  • Mint Rod (Blaze Rod)
  • Mint Ball / MintCharge (Fireball / Fire Charge)
  • New particle effect when Cola explodes
  • The Mint Dimension (replaces The Nether)
  • The Mint Dimension (replaces The Nether)
  • Soda Cans (Glass Bottles)
  • Crushed Mint Block (Netherrack)
  • Mint Lava (Lava)
  • Mint Cream (Magma Cream)
  • Magma Block (Hot Mint Block)
  • Mint Brick Block (Nether Brick Block)
  • Mint Brick Fence (Nether Brick Fence)
  • Mint Brick Stairs (Nether Brick Stairs)
  • Mint Brick Slab (Nether Brick Slab)
  • Mint Plant (Nether Wart)
  • Greener Brick Block (Red Nether Brick)
  • Mint Quartz Ore (Nether Quartz Ore)
  • Mint Plant Block (Nether Wart Block)
  • Fresh-Breath Ghast (Ghast)
  • Mint Cube (Magma Cube)
  • Potion Bottles (Magic Soda Cans)

There are lots of cool new features added. For example, the Nether has been changed into The Mint Dimension

Video Showcase


  • Impoved some blocks, items and entities’ textures.
  • New pack icon
  • Cola Maker (Brewing Stand)
  • Splash Potions (Soda Bottles)


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