Minnesota Spleef Arenas

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This adds Trades to Nitwits as nitwits are currently useless in the game and do not trade anything. This addon adds that nitwit will trade you spawners and spawn eggs for emeralds.

How Does It work?

Get a nitwit villager by a villager breeder or a naturally generated one or just spawn it in if you are in gamemode creative.

The Map


  • 4 Rooms
  • Info Room: Credit
  • Airlock: Gives you access to a shuttle to explore
  • Transporter: Spawnpoint
  • Drop Pods: Player ready-up area

The Arenas (2-4 Players)

  • Spleef Arena 1: The classic square shaped arena.
  • Spleef Arena 2: A circular shaped arena.
  • Spleef Arena 3: A square shaped arena with 4 walls dividing the center area.

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