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The Mine-Bikes Add-on adds three motorbikes to the game (all of which replace vanilla mobs). Currently there are three bikes with different colors but other than that they are just the same. They are very fast and will let you more easily get around in Minecraft.

How to ride a motorbike?

First off you need to find a bike. They can usually be found spawning in plains biomes since they replace horses. If you choose to use a spawn egg then you will need to search for the “Mine-Bike” spawn eggs.

  • Random Mine-Bike – Spawns a bike of random color and speed
  • Purple Mine-Bike
  • Brown Mine-Bike
  • Skeleton Mine-Bike
  • Zombie Mine-Bike

Before you can actually ride and control it you will need to tame it. This might seem like a weird thing to do but it is necessary in case you want to be able to control it. It works just the same as to taming a horse. Sit on the bike until you see some heart particles.

Once you’ve placed a saddle on the bike (open inventory while sitting on the bike and add saddle) you will be able to control the direction of the bike.

Two players can ride the same bike. The second player simply have to walk up to the bike and ride it. The bike has basically the same features as a horse.

This addon lets you explore the world of Minecraft using a modern motorbike. It works perfect for multiplayer too. Start your own biker gang today!



  • Ride two players on one bike
  • Mine-Bikes replace horses
  • Mine-Bikes can jump
  • More colors
  • Horse armors are carbon armor
  • Increased speed
  • Fixed UUIDs
  • Leather Horse (coming soon!)

Horses are changed by Mine-Bikes. Mine-Bikes can now jump. More Different Colors! Horse Armors are now a Carbon Armor (Whatever it calls). The Leather Horse Armor is coming soon! Its a Spray Paint. More Speed! Fixed UUIDs!

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