Mansion Findell Map for MCPE

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The Mansion Findell is a huge mansion situated on the top of a hill in a huge forest biome. There are a lot of different activities spread out all over the map which in some cases takes the player away from the mansion and out on basic adventures. For example, you can participate in a boat race, renovate one half of the mansion or search for a shipwreck. It’s great for anyone who are looking for a fun adventure in an open-ended world.


Here is a list of all the different activities in the map which you can spend your time doing.

  • Builders: Renovate one half of the mansion and customize it to your liking
  • Treasure Search: Find hints inside the mansion and then use them to find the shipwreck
  • Multiplayer contests: Parkour, boat race, PvP, hide and seek and more
  • Roleplay: Just hang out and roleplay
  • Explorers: Find the hidden elytras and then find a way to the roof where you take off for flight
  • Survivalist: Explore the forests, caves and mines

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