Lucky Skyblock

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Surviving normally depends on your ability but this time it will depend on your luck. You can play alone or with friends, since we all have different level of luck.

Lucky Skyblock is a survival with “very limited” resources, when you spawn, you will be on an island that will have a chest with  “luckyblocks”. That will be your beginning, but if you have bad luck, it will be your end.

if you are lucky enough (or you are very smart) to get blocks, you can visit and explore more islands of the world to get more resources and “more luckyblocks”

while you explore you will find new floating islands, such as a desert, mines, lakes, forests, and even houses, in addition to giant cubes of luckyblocks, in which you will have to be careful since several luckyblocks together are not a good idea and can cause chaos.

with luckyblocks things can happen to you from getting more items, spawn creatures, get blocks or even fall victim to a trap. There are more than 30 different possibilities.

You can play alone or with your friends

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