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Landmines! adds (not so surprisingly) landmines to the game. It replaces the husk and can either be used to prank other players or to plant in your own maps, forget about them and then accidentally blow yourself up. Either way, it’s a really unique add-on which is perfect for anyone who is a fan of explosives and TNT.

How does it work?

Landmines replace the husk mob. As a result, you should now find landmines in deserts instead of husks. I haven’t yet found one but I’m pretty sure that’s a fact.


If you step on a landmine you’ll blow straight up into the air (losing 8.5 hearts with no armor). It’s when you hit the ground that you’ll die. It only works in survival mode and no mobs are affected by landmines.


You can plant landmines using the husk spawn egg.

landmines-5 landmines-7

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