Labyrinth of Doom

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The Labyrinth of Doom is a map where you will have to explore a labyrinth of 9 rooms for the easy mode and 49 rooms for the hard mode. Every time a player enters the room it’s a possibility that a random event occurs, so be careful. The doors have a cooldown effect before opening, so don’t stay too close to the creatures!

The map is more fun in multiplayer. However, the more better you are the more fun you will have. It’s also probably best to host the map on a Windows 10 computer to ensure you don’t experience any lag or similar.

mportant Note

One rare room of the labyrinth can make issues in multiplayer, it has a vortex and Minecraft currently allows to teleport players that haven’t respawn yet and then to make them respawn out of the spawn of the world. The vortex may teleport few times players near to it even if they die and then it can false the dead players counter. I, ZeReaper, haven’t find a way to fix it for now without built in death counter scoreboards, I apologize for that issue.


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