Kingdom of Avon: Open World RPG

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This medieval adventure map takes place in the lands of Avon. You play as a legendary hero tasked with finding all of the lost relics of Avon which are scattered across the kingdom deep in crypts and high in mountains. Only when all the relics are found can the prophecy be fulfilled and the great dragon summoned.

There are a lot of command blocks in this map, making it feel like a much more fun and streamlined experience. There is supposedly hours of gameplay and quite a few quests (along with some hidden bonus quests).

How to play?

You will spawn in a hub where you should read all the signs for instructions of how to play.

The map is very large and open with loads of destinations you will visit on your adventure as well as other locations you can explore as you wish; every structure has its own secrets and treasures. There are multiple quests which you must complete to find each of the relics (which take the form of Nether stars).

These quests are set out in individual quest books in a chest at your home. Each leading you to another relic. When all relics are found, the final quest involves using them to summon the great dragon which you must kill before it destroys the kingdom.

The map is actuially built on the same map Shrimp1970’s The Last Kingdom: Stonehaven, Swampton & Skrimville medieval map, however hundreds of additional structures have been added and the adventure itself doesn’t require much interaction with Shrimp’s original builds.


  • Play in adventure mode
  • Turn mob griefing off
  • Turn fire spread off
  • Turn difficulty on
  • Have ‘Keep Inventory’ on


Important Notes: It’s definitely recommended that you use John Smith Textures with this map as some items rely on this pack (it’s included by default in the world download).

File size exceeds 200 MB!

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