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This add-on replaces the End with a new and exciting dimension known as the Aether. Here you will find Aethermen and the Aether Dragon who actually look like divine and sacred creatures, but don’t be fooled. They are extremely dangerous and should be approached with extreme caution. Give it a try if if you want to experience something new in Minecraft!

How to go to the Aether?

The Aether is another dimension and to get there you need to build an Aether Portal. (And since it replaces the End you can also just find a stronghold which contains a portal room if you find that easier).

To build the portal you will need 12 Aether Portal blocks and 12 Aether Portal Keys. (Follow this guide to learn how to build one.)

Make sure to bring night vision potions, weapons, armor and maybe a poison dart shooter (bow and arrows) as everything you will find there will be hostile.

(Make sure to drink a potion of night vision!)

The Aethermen are tall, slender people who bear a golden crown on their head. They are the servants of the Aether Dragon who will fly over the area and protect its interests.

The Aether Dragon is vicious monster which shoots wind balls at its enemies. It causes a lingering effect of Aether’s Breath.

Lots of experience awaits anyone who is brave and skillful enough to defeat the Aether Dragon. It is fought similarly to the Ender Dragon. Begin by destroying the Aether Crystals and then kill the dragon.

How to retrieve the custom items?

You can obtain the items either by killing Aether mobs or by typing the following text command: /give yellow_flower (amount) (1-7 data)

Mobs, Blocks and Items:

All of the following blocks, items and mobs will replace things in-game.

  • Mobs
    • Aetherman (Enderman)
    • Aether Dragon (Ender Dragon)
      • Shoots wind balls, causes aether breath linger effect
  • Blocks
    • Aether Portal
      • Required for getting to the Aether, functions like the End Portal blocks)
    • Aether Grass Block
      • Generated in the Aether
      • Used for crafting the Divine Carved Stone
    • Skyroot Log
      • Generates after defeating the Aether Dragon
      • Shaped like a tree
    • Light Blue Skyroot Leaves
      • Generates along with skyroot log
      • Looks like leaves
    • Carved Stone
      • Used for getting to the Nether
    • Divine Carved Stone
      • Craft it with 4 Aether Grass Blocks
    • White Gold Stairs
      • Generates in structures in the Aether
    • White Gold Carved Pillar
    • White Gold Slab
    • Aether Dragon’s Egg
    • Aether Crystal
      • Recommended to destroy before killing the Aether Dragon
  • Items
    • Aether Portal Key
      • Used for unlocking the portal to the Aether dimension
      • Works like Ender Eyes
    • Aether Pearl
      • Works like Ender Pearls
    • Poison Darts
      • Ammunition for the Poison Dart Shooter
      • Poisons enemies
    • Poison Dart Shooter
      • Shoots Poison Darts
    • Blood Drinker Sword
      • Damage: 15
      • Sets player health to 50
      • Dropped by the Aether Guardian (Wither Skeleton)
    • Aether Lightning Slasher
      • Damage: 17
      • Sets player speed to 0.7 (normal is 0.1)
      • Droppedby Aether Guardian (Wither Skeleton)
    • Ruined Sword
      • Damage: 18
      • Sets player health to 50
      • Dropped by Aether Eye (Zombie Pigman)
    • Golden Wind Sword
      • Damage: 15
      • Dropped by Aether Eye (Zombie Pigman)
    • Aether Lightning Sword
      • Damage: 12
      • Setsp layer speed to 0.9 (normal is 0.1)
      • Dropped by Aether Guardian (Wither Skeleton)
    • Wind Essence
      • Sets player speed to 0.8
      • Dropped by Aether Cow (Cow)
    • Aether Dragon Feather
      • Damage: 20
      • Sets player speed to 0.9 (normal is 0.1)
      • Sets player health to 50 hearts
      • Sets knockback resistance to 100
      • Dropped by Aether Dragon (Ender Dragon)
    • Aether Legendary Sword
      • 3D Sword
      • Dropped by Aether Dragon
      • Drop chance: 100%
      • Damage: 20
      • Sets player health to 80
      • Movement speed: 0.9
      • Knockback resistance: 0.4
      • Reduces fall damage by 50%
  •  Other
    • Aether Sky (Blue)
    • Bed (Violet)
    • Crafting Table (New textures)


  • New items (doesn’t replace any of the vanilla items)
    • Blood Drinker Sword
    • Aether Lightning Slasher
    • Ruined Sword, Golden
    • Wind Sword
    • Aether Lightning Sword
    • Wind Essence
    • Aether Dragon Feather
  • Fixed
    • Aether Sky
    • Item names
    • Mob names
  • Added Legendary Aether Sword (3D Sword)
  • Legendary Aether


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