Jaws and Megalodon Addon for MCPE

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This is an addon which replaces the guardians with two new aquatic animals. One of them is a “small” shark which definitely makes the underwater world a little bit more scary. The second one is a megalodon which is also a shark but somewhere around 3-5 times larger than the other. Be careful in the water!

Where do they spawn?

They can be found spawning around ocean monuments.

Jaws has a health of 50 and deals 6 damage. They will spawn around the ocean at a spawn rate of 25-50%. It can attack dolphins, turtles, squids, and even players. Jaws drop alot of raw beef and a lot of bones.

  • Replaces Guardian
  • Health: 50 hearts
  • Attack damage: 6

Megalodon, king of the ocean. It has a health of 200 and deals 16 damage. They will spawn around the ocean at a spawn rate of 5-%. It can attack dolphins, jaws, turtles, squids and players. It can drop allot of raw meat, bone, and drops rare loots, which is golds and diamonds. This is one of the biggest sharks in the world 3-5 times larger then normal sharks.

  • Replaces Elder Guardian
  • Health: 75 hearts
  • Attack damage: 20

Be careful when out fishing because you never know what might come and surprise you.

Note: For Dolphins, if they see Jaws or Megalodon, they will swim away from them as possible!!


It’s hilarious! A must-watch for sure!

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