Ghost: Assault

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A horror gamemode was an event in Counter-Strike: Online 2, Ghost mode. Ghost mode is a Pvp (Player vs Player) combat which is between Humans and Ghosts! similar to Zombie Hero in some cases.

“Ghost”, is a gamemode from the game called Counter-Strike: Online 2. The game was shutdown for some reasons on April 24th, 2018. I was on the CSO wiki and I came by this gamemode. It was really interesting and I wanted it to be in Minecraft. There it finally is! Though, there is some changes.

– Humans are replaced by AGF (Azoz Ghost Force)

– AGF Wields SVI White Infinity pistol, this pistol is 1 shot kill to the Ghosts.

– CS 1.6 sounds, Royal Ghost sounds from Clash Royale.


You need to kill Humans (Aka AGF) to win the round.

You have Jump Boost, Slow Falling, Strength, Elytra (Invisible), and Particles coming out of you.

You take 7 hits to kill a Human.

You will be one shotted by a Human! but hey, you are nearly invisible.


You can 1 shot a Ghost!

You need to survive 3 Minutes to win.



Did you know when its 30 seconds remaining, the Ghost Master joins your world and starts to be disappointed?

Did you know SVI White Infinity is a Skin for SVI Red Infinity?

Did you know…that this is CS:GO Assault but edited?

Did you know that ghosts are female in CSO2?

Did you know that Azoz Ghost Force is just Azoz’s skin but the depressed version?

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